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A Message to Our future Clients and Partners About COVID-19

Today we have a new challenge. The coronavirus COVID-19 has rapidly grown to pandemic level—impacting our daily lives at home, the way we work and how we invest and consume. The impact is at all levels: health, economically socially and culturally.

Nevertheless, human health always comes first: therefore, our main concern is the well-being of the communities in which we live, work, and serve, in this case Spain and Portugal. First and foremost, our thoughts go to the families who have lost loved ones.

Through our platform we will be continuously and closely monitoring the COVID-19 public health emergency and recommend everyone visiting Spain & Portugal to follow all recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and local officials.

For quite some time mass transit and populous events- will be limited, and it seems that for the remainder of the year many people will be working/conducting their business remotely. This changed almost overnight as well as how we interact with others ‘from a social distance’.

Especially for Spain, things went awry. The viral contagion spread around quickly which forced the country into a severe lockdown. The death toll was substantial, but the lockdown also made that 2 months later the country was able to de-escalate properly, with ups and downs of course just like in the rest of Europe. A recent rise in cases forced Lisbon into a partial lockdown again, something which will be common in other European countries as well. At least for a while, we will need to live and cohabit with the virus.

The impact of COVID-19 on revenues in Spain and Portugal will vary by sector, with slower recovery times likely for sectors suffering stronger shocks (Both still dependent heavily on tourism). One positive element is that this time households and companies display lower debt rates compared to the last big recession in 2009-2013.

Indeed, Spain and Portugal’s economies will be hit very hard, but let’s not forget that these 2 countries will still be offering plenty of opportunities. Both have, albeit not the richest countries, a splendid infrastructure, a talented workforce, a boom of technology startups, and last but not least a superb quality of life. (presumably one of the best in the world).

The quality of life enjoyed in Spain is the result of a unique combination of climatic, geographic, and of course, human factors. Living in Spain and Portugal is an option that is contemplated by more foreigners every day, and often that starts with buying a house/starting a new job.

Downward pressure on asset prices (residential and commercial real estate, stock prices, etc.), opens up new opportunities for foreign investors , and the crisis will lead to higher availability of talent which, nowadays, can perfectly work remotely.

In a nutshell, the Coronavirus (and the accompanying economic recession) will therefore create new opportunities for Belgians, Dutch and Luxembourg entrepreneurs, professionals and private investors.

– to offer their products or services on the Spanish market,
– have access to highly skilled and technical talent in Spain and Portugal,
– a wider range of competitively priced assets to invest in
– either, move to Spain themselves as part of the “remote working revolution

Business Clusters is a group of Belgian and Dutch entrepreneurs and professionals from different professional branches, based in Spain and Portugal, with a long experience and an extensive network of contacts, who can offer their services and assist all those who want to live, start/expand a company or invest in Spain or Portugal.

We are a well prepared team and have significant experience in successfully serving clients face-to-face and remotely. . IN the case of the latter, It’s paramount to us that you continue to receive a high level of support. Travel has re-opened meaning visiting Spain & Portugal and viewing opportunities as well as on-site visits has now become possible. We are confident that with the measures they have put in place, the risk of business disruption can be mitigated. We can work from anywhere and many of our services—and meetings—can be performed virtually. We are also addressing in-person meetings and on-site visits on a case-by-case basis.


A group of entrepreneurs residing in the Iberian Peninsula, with Belgian and Dutch roots, with their respective networks of contacts and local market expertise, have joined forces to offer a wide range of services through an online platform targeting business people, professionals and private individuals who are looking to do business and/or invest in Spain and Portugal.

Personally, we have all been through the same or similar type of “information/contacts/intermediaries and opportunities” search when we started to deploy activities in Spain : it took us several years to start and build out a solid network.

We are aware that this can be a burdensome, lengthy and frustrating exercise, therefore we want to enhance this process, obtain smooth networking & connecting as well as recommend you our services and external relations with trustworthy strategic partners, such as wealth management for newcomers, consultancy firms to identify ‘corporate’ investment opportunities (minority stakes in Iberian companies, VC in Iberian start-ups, distressed assets) to help you with local branding and marketing positioning or firms that help identify opportunities in line with the EU new Green deal (energy efficiency, renewable energies…), translation and Interpretation services, insurance, medical services, ….

Accounting, Compliance, Tax & Law, Doing Business

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Talent Search, Outsourcing & HR

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Iberian Market Place - Education & Innovation

  • Collaborations with Start-up ventures/hubs, Innovation clusters & Business Schools
  • Investment consultancy: sustainable investments such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, landscaping and golden visa
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Real Estate, Investment & Development

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Health Care, Health Tourism & Silver Economy

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Euro Economics

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Modern Nomads

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Alegria Health

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Strategic Partners


At EPS Europe, Intelligent Office Solutions, we create cost efficient solutions for all your documents.

This starts with the determination of the actual TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of your current printer hardware up to the digitalization and automatization of your documents- and workflows.

Our main objective is to make your organization cost and geografically efficient.


IFAR is an independent bróker for insurances and mortgages in Spain and is focussed at the nord european people that establish their businesses or themselves in Spain.

With our know-how, experience and speaking the English, Dutch, German, Spanish and Catalan language, we are your partner in Spain. From our offices in Barcelona, Alicante and alliances in other important regions we attend our market in whole Spain.

Our team is ready to help you.


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