Agioglobal your partner in Spain?

Agioglobal group created in 1994 in Madrid, is nowadays a well-known brand in the Spanish field of HR.

After more than a quarter of a century presence in Spain, the group with Belgian shareholders and Belgian management, has earned an image of prestige, solidity and constant innovation and may count now among its clients many blue-chip foreign and domestic companies.

Our team consists in approx. 85 persons. In 2019 we employed 17.545 persons in Spain.

Our employees describe us as a good illustration of ‘Best workplace’ employer: we care about their personal well-being and development, trying to get the best out of our employees.

Our extensive experience in matching skills and ambitions of our applicants with the requirements of our clients, makes us a valued partner and helps them to supply the skilled talent needed for their growth.

Agioglobal as a group is focusing on 4 business lines, each of them with a separate company.


AGIOGLOBAL TT: Temporary work 

We have been building Agioglobal TT from scratch into a reference for temporary work.  We serve our customers out of 20 temporary agencies all over Spain

Furthermore, we also export talent. 

We help international temporary agencies with their staffing needs supplying them with Spanish technically skilled profiles to fill in the vacancies they cannot source locally.

We send Spanish and Portuguese skilled and unskilled workers to Belgium, the Netherlands and neighbouring countries.  

Indeed during summer and, in particular for Sinterklaas and Christmas campaigns you come across many Southern European students working in logistics and hospitality in our home countries.



Externalization of some of the non critical Business processes is cost saving, for which you can rely on our AgioGlobal’s expertise. In which areas can we help you to save costs?

A : Administrative and back office service

some examples of services we offer:

  • Reception services for companies and hospitals,
  • Hostesses for events, conferences,  sport manifestations,…
  • Customer service for the banking sector, debt collection handling unpaid invoices,
  • General administrative back office roles such as accident claims management, general (post-sales) customer service, agenda handling and appointment registrations,  bulk shipments registration receipts.
B: HR administration :

  • Payroll handling, access control, legal assistance
  • PA services, agenda scheduling including phone call handling, office supplies handling,
  • Personalized ICT services and PC support

C: More commercial related services: such as

  • Sales Promotion, task forces and sales advisors in shopping center,
  • Telemarketing campaigns, , product launch, point-of-sale management,
  • Post-sales support, general commercial back office,

D: Logistical services

  • Handling, loading and unloading, and receipt of merchandise, preparation of orders,
  • Handling of reversed logistics, waste disposal
  • Handling and administration of delivery notes.

All the above is not only for Spanish companies but you may save costs  if you externalize some of your administration in Dutch, French or English to  Agioglobal Outsourcing in Spain.  These linguistic skills are present in Spain!

We would also like to highlight some very specific services Agioglobal Outsourcing can offer:

Agioglobal call center:

We perform inbound and outbound calls in several languages and can combine calls with administration handling.  



Agioglobal films

Since 1997 we work closely together with MAMEN FILMS, a professional casting agency enabling us to offer the best possible service in casting, contracting and payroll handling for the extras and stand-ins that join the TV and Movie productions

Spanish actors, producers and Netflix series have a world famous reputation.  If you are in this particular business and want to produce in Spain, contact Agioglobal.

Agioglobal mystery shopper services

More than 1000 clients in several sectors already counted on working with AGIOGLOBAL MYSTERY SHOPPER.
Pay attention next time you enter a shop, bar, restaurant or when you receive a phone call, who knows if it is not one of our Hospitality Mystery Shoppers ?

AGIOGLOBAL TECHNOLOGY: Outsourcing of ICT services

Spain has a population of approximately 47 million people. A sizable portion of the population comes from English speaking background or went through a bilingual or British educational system. Each year in Spain several thousands of software engineers graduate from Spanish Universities. Please contact Agioglobal Technology, if you want to get access to this significant pool of talent.

Both Spain and Portugal are ideal nearshore destinations where unemployment rates are higher than in Belgium and the Netherlands and salaries or day rates are still competitive and attractive. Also, Madrid is a frequent chosen shared services location.

Need an extra pair of hands short-term? Or want to set up your own SW development center?

Agioglobal Technology can connect you with qualified in-house, multi-disciplinary, agile development teams allowing  rapid delivery of secure, high quality software. The teams consist of enthusiastic Software Engineers, Developers (Frontend & Backend), QA Engineers, Scrum masters, DevOps Engineers, Security Experts, Support, and Business Analysts.

If the talent you need is not onboard yet we headhunt the right talent for you. For top tech talent, Agioglobal Technology is your ultimate partner. Helping you to enhance your digital strategy by understanding your needs.

We help (Inter) national customers with up staffing, team sourcing from Spain,

co-sharing or creating  exclusive and dedicated (nearshore)  development centers for them . Together with our clients we chose the ideal location, based on the availability of talents in the region, easy accessibility, cost criteria.  Together we also evaluate the best collaboration modus: time and material basis as well as on a project base or something in between

We are experts in taking care of multidisciplinary projects in:

  • App & web development
  • Legacy and modernization
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • QA & Test automation
  • Embedded development

Interested? Get in touch


Clients who are looking to fill in a highly skilled vacancy rely on Agioglobal Consultancy to help them with headhunting, recruitment and selection, as well as setting up assessment centers  for middle and higher management. We are specialized in: Management, Finance, Administration, Sales and Marketing,, Logistics, Health care, HR. and Engineering roles in the following sectors: Aeronautics, Automotive, Mechanical & Electrical engineering, Public Works, Automation, Naval industry, Agri-food, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy.

In our Consultancy division we also organize team building sessions, outdoor events, (state subsidized through Fundae) training and coaching programs as well as offering outplacement services.  Comp and benefit studies as salary benchmark studies are also belonging to our competences.

If this sounds appealing, we can be your partner in Spain!

We look forward to hearing from you soon if any of our services is of your interest….