Good news for both investors and professionals in the medical and healthcare industry.

The Western European population is aging, due in part/partly due to longer life expectancy as a result of better health and the absence of wars and natural disasters. (Even covid will have a small impact compared to other disasters/catastrophes.)

Large families where the elderly and the young were taken care of by the active are disappearing, and the number of single persons is also growing.

The new generation of seniors/older people generally have better education and are more informed about current events through the digital world, which also allows other forms of communication with family, friends and acquaintances.

For those who are not physically or mentally dependent, a residence can mean a new start of/in social life, from the age of 50-60. New formulas are being developed such as Silver Economy, service flats, senior residences, co-housing, etc. …

There is also an growing trend to move south, especially to Spain and Portugal where the climate is more pleasant, the quality of life better and the cost of living cheaper.

Not only the elderly are looking for a place in the sun, but also people in need of medical care or a period of rehabilitation.

Alegria Health is the platform for all your medical treatments and healthcare trips to Portugal and is recently expanding its services to Spain. All services are provided by renowned Dutch and Belgian specialists in collaboration with local doctors and medical staff, so you can always be treated in your own language.

Alegria Health, which is part of the BusinessClusters platform, has selected the best locations in Portugal in the Algarve. All accommodations in hotels or villas meet Alegria Health’s strict requirements. Among other criteria, the selection is based on accessibility, location, facilities and hospitality.

The hotels are mainly located on the beach of Alvor, close to the town of Portimão. The authentic fishing villages of Ferragudo and Carvoeiro are nearby. Lagos and the quieter Sagres are located west of Portimão.

Portimão is 6 km away and has a lively centre, a marina, several restaurants and bars. Praia de Rocha beach is 5 km away and is one of the most popular summer destinations in the region. There are several golf courses within a 10-minute drive.

Alegria Health (Care & Connect) offers the same services, as well as home care services, to those who possess their own home in the region.

Alegria Health not only organises travels, but can also provide comprehensive information on the possibilities of reimbursement by the local health authorities or those of the Netherlands or Belgium in relation to the costs of stay or medical treatment.

The activities of the healthcare sector in general and those of Alegria Health in particular also offer opportunities both to investors and to medical and healthcare and nursing staff.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!