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ALEGRIA stands for happiness, joy, light for life. We are happy to connect you with the best doctors, therapists and nurses to improve your vitality. “We care and connect”.

Alegria Health offers a variety of facilities. We offer and facilitate healthcare consumers with medical treatments and arrangements in the field of health in collaboration with Dutch and Portuguese specialists.

We also facilitate the recruitment, selection and secondment of Portuguese healthcare professionals for the benefit of Dutch healthcare and vice versa. In the Algarve, Alegria Health meets the need to provide care and assistance to residents. In the Netherlands, Alegria Health offers a solution for the current waiting times and high healthcare costs. Among other things, we offer the option of video calling with the doctor. For example, you have a live consultation with the doctor in the Netherlands from the Algarve.

Alegria Health provides support and implementation of carefree journeys for the elderly, people with dementia and their informal carers. This is a unique product, based on personal experiences and meets a need that exists at the moment. Informal care is stressful, with us the informal caregiver takes a break. Enjoy all the benefits that the Algarve has to offer, during an all-inclusive trip.

Alegria Health is setting up a health village in the Algarve. More and more people are concerned with aging in a healthier way and getting more quality out of life. Alegria Health Village, an environmentally friendly and sustainable village with the possibility of specialized surgical procedures by excellent surgeons, such as orthopaedics and aesthetic surgery, recovery stays, health trips, care trips, short and long stays. In addition to the usual and well-known health pathways, we also have forward-looking, holistic and integrative therapies. From recovery to prevention, from physical to mental-emotional and everything in between.

Alegria Health wants to develop similar activities in Spain in collaboration with belgian partners and medical staff.

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