MADskills is essentially a lecturing, training and coaching boutique active in the training and educational sector.

It has privileged access to the undergrads and graduated talent from different Bi-Lingual and International Universities and Business schools across Spain.

It specialises in setting up skills academies for job seekers, cross-cultural intelligence and virtual team management training (for foreign companies doing business in Spain) and teaches Spanish labour and commercial law to foreign students and employees.

Recently, it has started to conduct customised workshops on the impact of the Covid-19 on the labour market and the work environment (“the remote working revolution”). We can help in considering how to contract remote (STEM) talent for your Benelux business, for which type of roles, on how to communicate with your remote employees, etc.

MADskills can deliver short (max. 2 hour) workshops on “What to take into consideration when setting up a business in Spain and Portugal”.

It can help your company with preparing for a smooth market entry:

  • Culturally (cross-cultural training)
  • Strategically (market studies, direct investment, middlemen, commercial unit, online sales platforms)
  • Access to local Universities, B-schools and junior talent

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