Spain occupies a prominent position in the world and is now The fourth economy of the EU.(assuming that the UK will finally leave in 2021) With a GDP of 1.2 billion USD, it counts 47 million consumers, in addition to 83 million tourists who visit Spain (IN 2019), of which more than 7 million are business tourists. Spain has a privileged location and serves as a gateway to the markets of Latin America (640 million inhabitants) , and north of Africa (especially Algeria and Morocco)

Spain is an important connecting hub for airlines linking America, Europe and the Middle East, which includes two of Europe’s largest airports: Madrid and Barcelona

Given its geographical position and maritime tradition, Spain has magnificent port infrastructures. (4 of the Spanish ports are among Europe’s 25 most important ports, with Valencia expanding rapidly).

Spain is also leading when it comes to High-speed rail network as well as highways and motorways.

Spain has a fast growing ICT market and , even more importantly a vast talent supply of STEM people. Certain regions in Spain give extra aid to tech companies. (for research, youth employment etc… )

Spain is one of the safest countries , with low criminality rates

Last but not least, it enjoys indeed a great quality of life with an attractive cultural offering, a first-class gastronomy, open and friendly to foreign professionals and tourists.

Top 5- global destination for expats, especially with children. Spain has many internationals schools and is fostering the spread of bi-lingual schools

There is a mix of good public and private universities (especially the polytechnics have a strong reputation for engineering). Spain is home to 3 of the world’s best Business Schools: IE, IESE & ESADE.

(Source ICEX Spain)

Spain and especially cities as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga and Bilbao are still fantastic and stable areas for real estate investments due to the lower prices compared with other countries and cities such as as London, Paris or Berlin.

There are of course two disrupting events throughout Europe: Corona and Brexit. As a result, some trends such as home working revolution , the e.commerce boom and the fear of traveling and crowded areas will have some impact on the property market: especially as to the second residences, hotels and tourist apartments and presumably as well for retail and offices.

However prime Yield will stay mostly stable due to lack of high-quality products: Retail 3,15% Residencial 3,25%, offices, 3,25 Hotels 4%, logistics 4,57, multifamily (students and senior housing) 5%.( information upon march 2020)

In other areas, first and second residences (50% of the buyers on the coastline are foreigners) will face some depreciation or fluctuations, especially in coastal areas and on the Islands.

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