Up on the roof

We can help you realise the untapped potential of your flat rooftop space by converting them into beautiful living spaces, green areas and terraces, which expand your living space, or even add new flats into an existing building, easily, and in harmony with the existing architecture.

As our cities grow, populations increase and demand for housing in the most popular areas outstrips supply, we have a problem to solve. Governments, councils and developers are all working on this issue, with projects such as green in fillings, renewal of brownfield sites or urban expansion projects, but these are not quick fixes and we need solutions now.

Builders, developers, and property owners need to think outside the box to create the space that buyers so desperately want. This is where rooftop living comes in!

Buildings in popular areas with flat roofs have incredible untapped potential for expanding and providing more desirable living space, without filling up green spaces or encouraging urban sprawl. By building on empty rooftops we can expand our cities and improve city properties with respect for the existing architecture.

Our mission is to make cities grow and to make them more beautiful by using the existing buildings. We are experts in building on rooftops, even in crowded, urban areas with poor access. Our team can build complete penthouses with terraces off-site, including fitted kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing and wiring for electricity. These self-contained properties can be made to owners’ specifications and are ready to quickly crane into place and connect to the existing building. This causes the minimum possible disruption for residents and offers a large area of new living space, without adding more urban landscape into these busy cities.

Living up on the roof was created to explore the possibilities of these unused rooftop spaces and make it easy for owners and builders to create wonderful living spaces, right where they are wanted. We build off-site, using integrated, end-to-end production methods and the latest sustainable and energy-efficient technology and create new green areas, as well as buildings, on vacant rooftops. Our technology and know-how offers a win-win situation for property owners, residents and space strapped cities.

Our private collection of rooftop projects represents prime location and unique properties, which discerning buyers will adore. These properties are kept off-market to ensure confidentiality and exclusivity.

Please contact us for details of our rooftop projects in prime locations in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Malaga and more.

We’d also like to hear from you if you feel your building or development has untapped potential on their rooftops and would like to discuss how our logical building system efficiently and effectively converts these spaces into wonderful apartments or offices.