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Company incorporation: within 10 days in business in Spain

Your company can be operational in Spain within 10 business days. We have all the information and documentation available for you. We can inform you or your advisors or send a proposal within one business day in detail in English or in Dutch.

We have set up subsidiaries in Spain for shareholders from the five continents and are in this field among the most experienced and specialized firms in Spain.

Bookkeeping, payroll and reporting

We take on all accountancy and payroll activities for your subsidiary in Spain. We provide complete accounting and payroll services, prepare all tax returns – including international returns – and take care of related obligations such as the preparing and filing of financial statements. We provide financial reports tailored to the requirements and in the language of the parent company.
We will manage from the moment your idea arises to take on an employee, every step of the way. We are accustomed to draw up employment contracts remotely, and to register both resident and non-resident employees. We are familiar with the differences between Spain and other countries, and we explain this to you in the clearest possible way. We know about clauses that may apply in other countries but are facing a different regulation in Spain.
Our goal is to be there where you need us, where we have an added value for your business in Spain and Portugal.

Tax returns

We manage all Spanish and international tax returns and related obligations for the Spanish subsidiaries of foreign companies: VAT, income tax payments, social security contributions, corporation tax, local obligations, international tax returns, … Furthermore, we are happy to provide you with information about tax rates, specific tax returns, international VAT offset and VAT reverse charge in Spain.

Can we be of service to you?

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